Hopper Design, LLC

Toward Healthy and Sustainable Homes


Hopper Design, LLC is committed to providing sustainable designs for homes that conserve and produce energy using traditional American styles such as the classic New England Saltbox, Cape and Garrison as well as contemporary designs (see Designs and Services). We combine classic forms with current technologies for advanced building construction, good site planning and practical on-site renewable energy to save you money, help protect the health of you and your family and work towards a sustainable future.

We have been in the field of energy conservation and solar energy production for buildings since 1975. Since that time we have worked on single family homes as well as multifamily projects. A common strategy for work since then combines the principles of conservation, natural daylighting and passive solar energy. A growing number of clients have built on-site renewable energy systems. See also the resume of Tom Hopper, architect and founder of Hopper Design, LLC. You can email Tom here.


North entry of Curved Contemporary home in New England.