Hopper Design, LLC

Toward Healthy and Sustainable Homes


We describe practical energy considerations for conservation and production as they relate to new homes for site development and construction. All of these strategies are incorporated into the designs offered here. Many of these considerations also apply to the remodeling of existing homes.

The most important strategy - Conserve energy

Energy conservation is the first step to take before considering on-site energy production because until significant conservation measures have been taken it is easier to save a unit of energy than to make it. Learn how good envelope, insulation, orientation and windows can reduce your energy needs at Conservation.

How to save more - On-site energy production

Once you have taken substantial steps toward energy conservation it becomes important and worthwhile to consider on-site energy production. Learn how making energy with solar domestic hot water, solar space heating and solar electricity can further reduce your nonrenewable energy needs at Production.

We can make it happen

We offer a range of services pertinent to conservation and on-site energy production at your new or existing home. Find out more at Services.