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Design Services

We can modify the designs we offer to better suit your needs or to incorporate some of your own ideas. We can alter the size, number and arrangement of rooms or give specific drawings for your home, such as additional building sections, wall sections and construction details. We can modify the facade to incorporate particular windows, doors, siding and trim. If you have a unique site we can give specific design solutions for driveway entries, sloping terrain or view direction.

We provide innovative designs for new solar additions as well as for energy efficient modifications to existing homes.

With your input we can design your new energy-efficient solar home in a traditional or contemporary style - we can even work with you to design a zero net energy home or design your home to comply with LEED Homes standards. See Energy Consulting and Sustainability Consulting below.

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Energy Consulting

We can help you locate the best building site location and orientation for passive and active collection of energy at your home. See Shade Study to help you to determine the suitability of your site for use of solar energy.

Conservation is the most important step to take with new and existing construction. We can help you coordinate the correct relationships between passive gain, orientation, interior positioned thermal energy storage, and movable insulation. We provide energy efficiency consulting for existing homes in the northeast area - we can visit your home for a day to determine what needs to be addressed to reduce your energy needs. We can also assist you via email on an hourly basis to help you conduct your own home energy analysis (see Energy Star).

Production of on-site renewable energy is the next step to take. We can design solar energy production systems for domestic hot water, space heating and solar electricity.

We can help you integrate proper orientation, conservation and on-site energy production systems with the form of your home and its construction materials. We can design a zero net energy home (see, for example, or Net Zero Garrison).

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Sustainability consulting

To build a sustainable home you need to consider energy conservation and production (as described above), indoor environmental quality as well as use of materials, water and land. We list some considerations below:

  • Indoor environmental quality: Use Energy Star rated ventilation, low or zero VOCs paints, carpets and building materials, emission controls for radon and particulates, an airtight barrier, drainage plane and vapor barrier.
  • Material use: Build with environmentally preferable products, recycled materials, local materials and advanced framing techniques.
  • Water use: Use high efficiency fixtures for toilets, showers and faucets, irrigation controls and shutoffs and rainwater harvesting for greywater reuse.
  • Land use: Avoid environmentally sensitive sites and farmland, minimize disturbance to less than a third of an acre, control erosion, limit turf, preserve shade trees and use permeable paving or stone.

We can help you take advantage of the principles of sustainable design described here and as promoted by LEED for Homes.

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Life Stage Planning and Accessibility

A common feature of all of our designs is that all of your living needs can be met on the first floor. You may find that the designs shown here work for you in terms of accessibility, but if desired, we can modify them to better suit your particular needs.

We can design your home to be wheelchair-accessible from ground level with no or minimal ramping. We can design accessible bathrooms with safety grab bars. We can provide clearance for wheelchair turning, appropriate door widths and latch side clearances throughout the design. The kitchen and sinks can be designed for accessibility as well.

Working with you, we can respond to your particular needs for accessibility in your new home.

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