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Designs - Alberta Saltbox

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

The Alberta Saltbox is a modification of the Saltbox South Entry design. If you are interested in one of our designs, but think it needs some tweaking to better suit your needs, feel free to contact us or learn more at Services. See the testimonial for this project below.

Main house 42' x 36' (total 2,240 square feet) - 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
Basement, breezeway and garage not included in square footage

The site for this home has great mountain views off to the west. The plan for the Saltbox South Entry is flipped to allow better viewing from the kitchen, dining, and living spaces. A greenhouse is attached to the garage with a new mudroom connecting link between the house and garage. Otherwise this design has many of the features of the Saltbox South Entry design.


Aerial sketch of south and east sides. The greenhouse has a hot tub for year round use and the steep glazing angle helps to collect low level winter passive solar energy for this space. Rolling ceiling insulation helps trap this energy.


3D view of Saltbox South Entry flipped without modifications or greenhouse.


View of modified first floor plan with greenhouse, mudroom, and media room. A vegetable garden and hot tub are in the greenhouse. The mudroom connecting link receives passive solar energy to help dry boots and coats. A media room is provided to the north.


Tom is a wonderful person to work with. We found him very knowledgeable and patient with us as we went through with him all the details that building a solar home requires. He helped us by giving us great resources and advice. Saving us time and money. Giving us questions to ask our builders and designers we had never thought to ask but that will make a big difference. Tom is on the cutting edge of this technology and we found ourselves very grateful for his help and friendship.

Kim and Scott Hillier
Calgary, Alberta

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