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Designs - Cape South Entry

3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms

 Download plans: $175.00

Main house 22' x 34', bedroom wing 16' x 18' (total 1,480 square feet) - 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms
Basement, breezeway and garage not included in square footage

This Cape has its main entrance facing south and is a compact design. There are three bedrooms with the master bedroom on the first floor. A balcony study/bedroom with another large bedroom is on the second floor. The house has two and one half bathrooms.

To the south large windows provide solar gain in winter. The south facing roof is ideally sloped for year round collection with active solar collection systems and two passive gain skylights (see Energy). The house can be built to allow the active solar systems to be added at a later date. A three season breezeway connects to the two car garage.


Cape view on a fall day at 3 p.m. at which time you will have received 90% of the day's solar energy. Operable skylights with movable blinds allow for cooling and solar control in summer. The garage is not shown.

This Cape is designed for efficient use of space. Once you enter the home a well planned collection of spaces conveniently serves your living needs in a compact manner. The living room is open above to a balcony. It feels large and receives a significant amount of daylighting all year. It is also a practical family room. This home receives seasonally appropriate solar gain in winter with its facade of large windows facing south.

The dining room is on the south east corner of the house next to the kitchen and receives desirable morning light as well as light throughout the day. The dining room is easily accessed from the kitchen with a pass-through counter and shelf between. The kitchen is compact and highly functional with a view to the north and east.


Cape first floor plan showing south entry, master bedroom with private bathroom, fireplace in living room, half bathroom, dining, kitchen and seasonal breezeway connection to the garage. The alcove behind the front hall closet is for a vertical washer/dryer utility.


Cape second floor plan showing large bedroom facing east and south, bathroom and balcony study/bedroom overlooking the living room. (Large storage closet over the master bathroom not shown.)


Cape southeast view on December 21 (the shortest day of the year) at 11 a.m. with sunlight on the south facade. East facing windows provide desired morning light in the kitchen, dining and upstairs bedroom.


Possible drive orientations.

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Cape view on December 21 (the shortest day of the year) at 9 a.m., the beginning of the day's solar gain. Snow will slide off the glazed solar equipment on the south with sunlight.


Cape interior views of kitchen, dining and living with balcony above and master bedroom. (Views stretched to include items of interest.)


Cape view of shed dormer on the second floor, breezeway and garage on a late fall day.