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Designs - Missouri Barn House

3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms

Barn house 24' x 34', bedroom wing 12' x 16' (total 2,130 square feet) - 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms
Basement included, screened porch not included in square footage

This barn house is designed as a temporary home and is to eventually be used as a garage after the main house is built. The barn will also serve as a home for aging parents that need care by the family. The layout provides living on one floor with all services and clearances for wheelchair use. A large cozy bedroom built as a shed is attached on the east and has a sloped ceiling. The second floor has a large sleeping loft tucked under the roof eaves and includes a home office. This structure receives seasonally appropriate solar gain in winter with its facade of large windows facing south and has a screened porch accessible from a walk through kitchen. An enclosed link is planned to connect to the future main house to the west.


This north east view shows the future garage doors and shed bedroom on the first floor. Behind the insulated hayloft doors are operable windows. The windows can be sealed off in winter to conserve energy, or opened in summer for ventilation. The deep overhang keeps out rain. A pulley may be used on the ridge hoist beam.


The southeast view is substantially glazed for passive solar gain in winter at both floors. The screened porch is shown with its interior door to the kitchen. Active thermal solar panels provide domestic hot water year-round. A cupola provides daylighting and summertime ventilation.


The rolling land is cultivated providing a real farm setting. The barn house is located high enough on the hill so that low winter sun washes over the south facade providing free passive solar energy. This structure is located in a tornado-prone area and a basement shelter with a reinforced concrete enclosure is provided. Critical amenities are also provided for extended stays in the shelter.