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What you get

These house plans are sufficient for you to take to a local builder to price and construct your home. We provide preliminary documents which give you the opportunity to work with the builder to obtain the features you want.

Each set of plans contains:

  1. 1st & 2nd floor plans drawn at 1/8 inch scale and include all rooms, overall dimensions, room sizes, doors, windows, fireplace, bathrooms, kitchen with counters and cabinets, washer/dryer, stairs, and circulation space (shown with furniture to provide a sense of space utility).
  2. Four elevations drawn at 3/32 inch scale with windows, doors, front steps, roofs, solar equipment, chimney and siding.
  3. Site plans drawn at 1/32 inch scale with orientation, roof plan, solar equipment, walkway, driveway options, planting and trees to give a sense of a setting.
  4. Section drawn at 3/16 inch scale with all floors including 1st, 2nd & basement, walls, stairs, fireplace, doors, windows, roofs, skylights, solar equipment, roof slopes, vertical dimensions and explanatory notes.

The documents you purchase are not construction documents; they are preliminary documents that any skilled builder will be able to build from. Construction documents, for example, would specify the exact detail of the fabrication of a wall, while preliminary documents would indicate the target insulation values and finishes for you and the builder to consider. Skilled builders know how to build a home with traditional platform framing, which we recommend. The builder may suggest standard two-by framing or engineered lumber and this can be determined by agreement between you and the builder with quality of construction and cost considerations guiding your final decision.

If your home is not oriented properly or you do not obtain quality construction you risk a significant reduction in the savings we describe in Conservation and Production. Contact us for services regarding orientation, passive and active solar systems, construction details such as air barrier and insulation envelope, foundation, wall and roof assemblies at homes@hopperdesignllc.com.

Notice: The plans you purchase are not for resale or distribution.

Shipping Details

The method of delivery of plans is via download. Once your purchase has been processed you will be sent via email a link to the appropriate set of plans in pdf format. These plans can be printed on an 8 1/2" x 11" home printer.

Delivery by mail has been discontinued.