Hopper Design, LLC

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Designs - Virginia Alteration

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Main house 28' x 26' (total 1,300 square feet) - 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Porches and basement not included in square footage

This 80 year old home lends itself well to passive and active solar retrofit. It is compact in size and has a complementary character and scale with respect to its neighborhood. These qualities are preserved with the floor plan modifications within the existing envelope. A newly arranged interior allows for increased glazing to the south for passive solar energy and provides a new dining area and kitchen. A new screened porch is added at a 45 degree angle to allow solar energy gain in winter. A deck is added and both deck and porch are accessed from the kitchen and dining. The master bedroom on the second floor gains a large south facing window, a new bathroom, and walk-in closet. The south side of the property is private with mature trees set back far enough to allow low winter light to impinge on the south glazing. Active solar thermal collectors facing south provide domestic hot water. Three ventilating skylights with shades are at the high points in the second floor roof for summertime ventilation and year round daylighting.


Sketch of south elevation, roof plan, and 3D view. A new shed roof unifies the original design on the south side, improves drainage, and provides an appropriate surface for active solar equipment.


Sketch of first floor plan.


Sketch of second floor plan.